Multiple Services to Fit Your Needs

Let our experienced network of colleagues and partners serve your next media project.

Original Programming

Want to reach millions with a life-changing message?

We use the timeless art of storytelling to entertain, inspire and motivate by using a variety of genres:


Drama series


Talk Shows




Non-fiction series

Regardless of the format each program encourages agency.

Outreach Design

How do you radiate change?

We engage communities to identify priorities, resources, needs, and solutions in such a way as to promote the change they seek. Our media leverages conversations that lead to action by using….


Facilitated Dialogues


Community Action Design


Mobile Cinemas

Marketing & Distribution

How do we build a “big tent” for your project?

Visibility is created through a planned process conceptualized from beginning to end at the start any project. We help you determine:


Who is your target audience and why?


How does your audience consume media?


Given the competition for viewers, which distribution tools will have the most impact?

Impact Promotional Videos

Want to share how your team’s innovation has made a difference? Listen to your beneficiaries.

First-person testimonials provide valuable insights into how your program made a difference in their lives and the lives of those in their communities. These compelling stories, strengthened by quantitative data, are delivered in a visually entertaining style.

Media Assessment

What type of media has the greatest chance to break through?

We break down the media landscape to understand the players, partners, talent, and programming trends in a given location.


What programs are listened or watched and at what time of the day?


How are the programs consumed by your target audience? Broadcast, streaming, or social media?

Bringing storytellers together from across all borders to produce media that Entertains, Inspires and Motivates.